This is really a difficult problem, a real estate with the real estate so close to the economy, a real estate as the main collateral of the financial system, an even local civil servants

wages to a certain extent have to rely on the land of the financial system, and now, determined To take off with the real estate - hook - the - action may be unhappy, but

determined no doubt. Real estate is a can not be determined to remove the small three, because the relationship between the interests of replica watches , now it is determined to escape.

    During the two sessions this year, there are many entities called for tax cuts, down fees, from Cao Dewang, to Li Dongsheng. Such a call every year, it is impossible to achieve,

especially in the case of real estate is suppressed, the tax is more important.

    China's 90% of the rolex replica tax paid by the enterprise, as long as the tax can not turn to direct taxes, the possibility of large-scale enterprise tax reduction is not large, because

enterprises, especially large and medium-sized enterprises wool up. Look at a barrel of refined oil contains taxes, you know the two barrels of swiss replica watches oil and blood transfusion huge


    Local government has been too high debt, income is not real.

    We first talk about the local government tax situation.


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