Later days I was particularly good, every day on time to go to class, obediently sitting in the middle of Yan and Li think seriously lectures, and then go to the library to complete the

work seriously. Just did not go to the basketball community to play, and see the publicity is also like a detour is not seen the same. I have decided to Yanzi I want to destroy the

hearts of that kind of love like a small flames. Get out of class, and publicity at the door blocking me, "publicity" Yanzi excitedly ran up, "Chen Zifei, you come here!" Publicity a little

serious. "Yanzi, you go to wait for me for a while, it is estimated that I did not go to the basketball community training these days, there is no leave, messenger captain unhappy." I

lie to Yanzi ears quietly told her. Yan child nodded first. "Then I have to go first" I want to feel a little extra fun to go. "Why do you hide me these days?" Publicity is particularly

serious. "I did not ah, we both before the intersection is not a lot, did not how to speak ah!" I pretended to look like the ground did not look. "Well, why do not you go to

basketball training, and do not leave?" Publicity more angry. "I do not want to go to the line, okay, I want to retire the basketball club." I am a little bitter and bitter to hurt the

publicity. "Well, I ask you the last question, did you accept me that night?" Zhang Yang holding the last trace of replica watches hope, eyes particularly eager to look at me. "No ah! Afraid you are

too sad, comfort you." My eyes erratic, did not dare to look at him. Zhang Yang froze for a while, calm down and asked me: "Then you like the person is Lee want to right?" "Yes"

finished my face turned away, but turned around and I had tears.

I am in my heart to comfort myself, if I and Zhang Yang in replica watches uk a piece, then according to Li's character, will hate Zhang Yang, they can not do buddies, and I have no face see Yan child.

If the swallows and publicity in a piece of words, then we are still good friends. Class time, I still and Li would like to uk replica watches sit a child, I know Zhang Yang secretly monitor me, so I would

like to pretend to be very close. And really worked, and soon publicity on the foreign claims Yanzi is his girlfriend.


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