I am in my heart to comfort myself, if I and Zhang Yang in a piece, then according to Li's character, will hate Zhang Yang, they can not do buddies, and I have no face see Yan child.

If the swallows and publicity in a piece of words, then we are still good friends. Class time, I still and Li would like to sit a child, I know Zhang Yang secretly monitor me, so I would

like to pretend to be very close. And really worked, and soon publicity on the foreign claims Yanzi is his girlfriend.

I like the usual and Li would like to eat a canteens, he was as careful as usual thoughtful to me to peel eggs. After dinner we are ready to return to the library, I am afraid of their

own quiet down, will feel particularly empty and wronged, recently hid in a library to read. I would have been able to hear an ambiguous feeling. Back to theswiss replica watches library on the road, he

even pulled my hand, "Zifei, I like you, you can be my girlfriend? I heard Zhang Yang said you like me, is it true?" My face for a while Hot, did not answer him, did not throw off his
hand. At that time is, do not want to replica watches uk feel sad sad. In this way, Li would like to go to me every day or go to the library, or go to the park. He thought I was acquiescence, kindness

simple I just do not know how to rolex replica refuse. Sometimes I feel that Lee is like a good partner to play a good partner, not like a boyfriend, he really is all good, good for me is

impeccable, I always think I am missing him Kind of feeling. We are quite happy when we play, Gemini and Pisces are very funny, but the lovers index is low. At that time feeling silly,

muddle, the class can not do intimate action, as long as there are acquaintances can not handle. For me


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