The difference in the genetic composition of humans and animals is actually very small. And the structure of the whole body, including the structure of the brain and the basic activities of the function, are determined by the human gene. According to the study of social biology (the study of new disciplines based on the biological basis of various social behaviors of replica watches various organisms including human body) "gene is the initiation reason and activity of all rich life movement of biological activity, The basic reason for evolution. "" Genes must be selfish, adversity can not exist: so the gene is selfish, it can not be selfish, because of this, individual and individual organizations at all levels of behavior have shown selfishness. In a statement, in the theory of social biology, because of the selfish nature of the replica watches uk gene, it is selfish to decide that the creature is essentially self. "" Social biology: new synthesis ": (US) Wilson, Mao Shengxian translation Beijing Institute of Technology Press

    Although the human genes determine the basic ability of people, but by the cultural factors and the characteristics of the people in society to be more direct and more powerful. This example is very much in history. For example, in ancient religious wars, devout religious believers under the guidance of misleading religious spirit, brutally massacred pagans. In modern history, self-proclaimed as a good citizen of the great German nation in a metamorphosis of the madman Hitler's instigation under the invade of uk replica watches other countries, brutally slaughtered the Jews. And so many of these crimes are by the well-educated "noble" German gentleman to complete. As well as the heinous and extinct human brutal crimes committed by warriors in China and Asia, as well as under the guidance of the spirit of loyalty to the emperor's Bushido.


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