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 In Yiwu, the Arab businessmen, why more from the war countries rather than the relative peace and stability of the Gulf monarchy? This is because the Gulf monarchy to enjoy the welfare level is too high, the horizon is too high, even if they do not seem to operate business Yiwu small commodity, but in the Gulf monarchy war nationals see this opportunity, there is the corresponding capital accumulation to explore , Start the market.

    Yemen is the first Arab businessman to uk replica watches explore Yiwu opportunity, in the beginning of the new century to start the bull market, a group of Yemen in Saudi Arabia to make a keen awareness of local income and consumption began to rapidly expand the potential, they get rid of the building Workers' hats go to China.

    Finally, they settled in Yiwu, Yiwu market with inexhaustible cheap goods swept the Arab market, big profits, the Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqi followers, Yiwu small commodities to sell to the replica watches uk Arab world Almost every corner. In this way, they are in the majority of Yiwu Arab businessmen, it is not surprising.

    On the whole, according to my understanding, in the replica watches Yiwu developing country businessmen, these Arab businessmen are large in business. An Arab businessmen ordered three or four, and even more containers, not uncommon; African businessmen have more than 20 together to fight a container of goods.


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