North Korea is not Iraq, nor is Libya, not the United States would like to fight can be defeated. Saddam, Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya, they first lost in their own hands. When they

were tough, the United States did not start, when they compromised later, they suffered a beat, and died miserable. Second, the failure of replica watches uk Iraq, Libya, but also defeated in the

domestic factions, not unity and so on. Look at the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as Syria, Iraq inside and outside the IS, from scratch, there is no economic base, there is no

cutting-edge weapons, the United States, Russia and other world powers, have used in addition to the atomic bombs other advanced weapons , The Taliban adhere to more than

ten years, IS also adhere to the six or seven years, still exist, to completely eliminate them, I am afraid have to take some time. I am not supporting IS, nor is it long for others, to

destroy their own prestige, I just want to explain a problem: the first factor in human. Facing the Taliban, IS such opponents, the United States can not easily win, not to mention the people take the initiative, adhere to the swiss replica watches building of socialism, military and civilian unity of the DPRK it? North Korea after several decades of military politics, has long been ready to

fight the war, it is said that there are more than replica watch one million regular army, maybe also have all the people are soldiers, and also has advanced weapons. I think that Trump, the

"madman" president and his think tank, who do not follow the common sense, should also consider the consequences.


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