as the United States itself, but also consider their own domestic economic and political issues. Economically, can support a new Korean war, politically, what will lead to the

consequences. Because, North Korea is not the fifties of the last century, the North, the world is not the last century fifty years of the world. At that time, several major powers

together, will be able to determine the fate of the times the world, has gone forever. People should be equal, the state should be independent, has begun to become the world

trend. Look at the atmosphere and the formation of the swiss replica watches Korean sun festival, the United States can break the North Korean lightning? Look at the Middle East, the US missile attack

after the Syrian airport, it is said that Russia, Iran, Syria has announced an alliance. In addition, IS is also active around the world. Demonstrations in the United States. and many

more. In fact, the United States internal and external, like a strong outside the dry paper tiger. If the United States brazenly launched the Korean War, will only accelerate their own

decay process, Trump's presidential throne, do not want to think for eight years, can not be full of four years is unknown.

    6, write this, I thought of the "terror" the word. In the eyes of the United States, who does not listen to him, who will be called a terrorist, except that he is not. In fact, in my

mind, the United States is a terrorist country. The United States to dominate the world, with the world's largest arsenal, is the replica watches uk world's largest arms exporter. What is the use of

weapons? To kill with. The world is full of American weapons, weapons are everywhere in the murder, so most of the people killed, are killed by US weapons. Moreover, other

experimental weapons are carried out in their territory, the United States is in other countries on the territory of the experiment, and is to take the lives of other people to do the

experimental product. In the last century, Japan experimented with the power of the atomic bomb and killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese people. The Yugoslav

government, bombing the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, experimented with the power of drilling and bombing and killed three Chinese diplomats. And experimented with the

atomic bomb only after the explosion of the power of the bomb, in addition to the United States said, killed 36 terrorists, the poor and how many people die? and many more. So,

when I heard the United States to launch a war, the United States to fight who, I would feel that there will be a lot of poor people to suffer. There is war in the world, where there

will be the shadow of the US arms dealers, where there are weapons of the United States, where the weapons of the United States to kill. During the war of resistance against

Japan, the Japanese massacred the Chinese people with weapons, 50% from the United States. So, when it comes to fake watches war, I will think of the United States, the thought of the United

States, I will think of the terror of the United States.


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