From the perspective of social biology, "society" is defined as a group of individuals belonging to the same species, in a cooperative way (through the exchange of information to complete the relationship between the relationship) organized group operation system. In all kinds of fake watches social creatures people are the most intelligent social animals, so human society is a rapid evolution of the group operating system. Since human civilization has entered the civil society, human society has rapidly developed into an increasingly large and increasingly complex group operation system. Since collaboration is the foundation of social existence, why in human society can always be seen between those individuals and individuals, between groups and groups, between ethnic and national, and even countries and countries not only do not cooperate, but fierce The situation of the conflict In the history of mankind war is the most striking form of conflict, the war is the relationship between the two sides of the conflict; but within the same party and the need for a high degree of collaboration. So human beings are the most contradictory species of all social animals. So what is the benefit of the replica watches cooperative relationship in the human attributes? Which is not conducive to this relationship?

    The social attributes of the whole population, which are beneficial to the development of human society (the most fundamental to the cooperative relationship), are referred to as "human sociality", such as altruism, obedience, dependency, and more advanced consciousness Sex and so on. And the overall operation of the human development of the adverse social properties known as the "human anti-social." The anti-social nature of swiss replica watches ordinary people is due to the natural attributes of people to the point of social development unfavorable. Such as self-interest to the loss of people, damage the public, damage to society; self-protection to kill other creatures, and even other people and so on. Therefore, the social attributes of people include both social and anti-social aspects.


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