Reporters rushed to the sales center about two kilometers north of the hot spring town sales center, the center also gathered dozens of uk replica watches people. And Xin City sales center, hot spring town sales center door is also sealed seal.
From the ancient state of replica watch Cangzhou real estate company intermediary Li Liangliang told the Economic Observer reporter, she can provide Xiongxian, Baigou housing, but these days have been unable to fake watches transfer, "estimated that two or three days to have housing." But was asked whether the message was accurate when she gave a negative answer. Even so, in a short period of 5 minutes, there have been more than 10 from Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places to see the tenants in her notebook left a mobile phone number, hoping to be able to be linked when the housing. Li Liangliang show the notebook, has written down hundreds of mobile phone number.


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