In the process of advancing the simplification of the diversion process, the city's courts adhere to innovation-driven development, greatly improving the efficiency of the trial.

Xingning District Court established litigation service, trial management, trial, implementation and administrative logistics support five centers, formed by the staff judges, assistant

judges, clerks composed of 45 new trial team, the formation of a new pattern of trial management. And the implementation of the fake watches "trial and auxiliary affairs centralized

management" reform, the case of pre-trial review, investigation, property preservation, scheduling, delivery and other procedural matters, as well as commissioned assessment,

identification, audit and other judicial and technical services are subject to trial The management is responsible for the management, so that the business court judges from a large

number of complicated transactional work freed, concentrate on the trial, improve the efficiency of the trial.

In addition, the court to promote the construction of information, set up a family dispute Xi Li studio, legal aid lawyers workstations, private enterprise rights protection patrol

court, five pond to send court old studio and other diversified mediation platform, Some simple cases.

Jiangnan District Court in the Executive Board set up a quick team, the focus on the investigation of simple cases, focus on the implementation of a clear case of some of the cases

can be given priority to quickly. Speed ​​team in replica watches a month within 488 cases, for the court ahead of schedule to complete the activities played an important role. At present, the court

speed of the team closed the number of cases reached 73% of the total number of cases closed. The court on the Internet for judicial auction, the unpaid auction quickly into the uk replica watches second auction process, greatly reducing the auction cycle.


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