I think South Korea is afraid of war. why? First, Korea and North Korea, belong to the same nation, flesh and blood is not a good thing. In particular, it is said that there are a

lot of nuclear power plants in Korea, there are a lot of swiss replica watches nuclear reactors, North Korea's shells and missiles as long as hit one of the nuclear reactors, South Korea is a nuclear

disaster, if hit more nuclear reactors, or even all nuclear reactors, South Korea this place will become not suitable for human habitation, South Korea can exist? The There are

articles, CCTV a few days ago had forward a news: South Korean television station has invited five presidential candidates, open debate. One of the questions is: if the United

States pre-emptive, do not inform South Korea, a separate fight against the DPRK, "if you elected (South Korean President) will take what measures?" As a result, five presidential

candidates brush on the United States " "Expressed opposition. Polls support the first candidate said, "the US side should not be without the consent of the replica rolex ROK, unilateral attack."

The second said that he "will be the first time with Chinese and American leaders on the phone, the US side said 'not allowed to launch war'". Because South Korea is afraid of war, so the United States from the last Korean war so far, for decades to firmly grasp the command of the Korean army. The Korean government is only a puppet government.
    Japan also exists in South Korea the same problem. Once the United States attacked the DPRK, the DPRK must strike the US military base in Japan. If the DPRK accidentally hit

the Japanese nuclear power plant, the tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan was to be rolex replica watches repeated, and Japan should weigh the Korean War against its own influences.

So, Japan Ye Hao, South Korea worth mentioning, say it stout, such as cattle, but in fact timid as a mouse, I am afraid I do not want to fight the DPRK, are afraid of burning up.


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