I remember the day of the game, 3,000 meters of the long drive immediately on your turn, the radio called your name, you do not know where to go, the playground not see your

shadow. I am anxious on the playground, secretly anxious, I thought you may still in the classroom, I walked to the fourth floor of the building, but found that you are not there. I'm

back to the playground, but fortunately you have been ready for the posture. I followed the class several other students in the track next to the loud shouting refueling, the sound

was loud but was noisy voice drowned. Finally, we are tired to sit on the fake watches ground to see. And I do not know why, maybe want to encourage you, take off the jacket outside the track

to help my friends holding, sleeves to elbow on a stroke, just like running next to you, mouth shouting your The name of the fuel, the sound shocked my ears, but drowned in the

lively crowd. You go to swiss replica watches a fighter, with the ear whirring of the wind, running toward the target. Your friends meet you at the end. That day I remember your later grades are second in

the school. What a happy date! Maybe, that day no one noticed me, but my heart is selfish from the joy!

I really like you, but at that time love is not allowed, and I can not confess to replica watch you. I hope the boys will show me. Moreover, in my opinion, then if the fall in love, too selfish, and

spend their parents money, not good to learn. For this time I often feel deeply self-blame, but the head is not obedient often come up with your appearance.


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