Recently, the world famous academic publisher - Germany Springer Nature Publishing Group, one-time revocation of the alleged fraud of 107 papers, which involves 524 Chinese papers. China's paper fraud in the international academic community has made a rolex replica big impact is not the first time. The incident shocked the Chinese society, causing widespread concern. In fact, in the Chinese intellectual circles, the paper has a long history of fraud, involving various fields, various industries. This is actually in the country is a kind of unspoken rules, at least in academia is well known things. As a result of China's unique title assessment system, the school's number of papers as the evaluation criteria of the system, and the official level, status, a wide range of rolex replica watches economic interests linked to academic nature has become a money, fame slaves. After more than 30 years, we are accustomed to. But with the same fraud and plagiarism, now than the skills. For example, in economics, with the plagiarism, some people will mix a variety of ideas together, it will be said to be innovative; some people find some domestic data to demonstrate a Western economics in a principle that is significant Of innovation. Some people have figured out some new formulas, or designed some more complex methods of measurement from the actual, and thus get degrees and titles, and no matter what the use of these stuff. The reason why economics has become completely out of reality blackboard economics, which is because this type of people too much.
    Academic fraud has become so blatant, but also because of the reform and opening up after the title system reform, are linked with the paper, works. Any kind of discipline, in fact, there can not be so much innovation to match the number of senior titles. Fake also has institutional factors. After the reform and opening up the title system reform has been 30 years, and some rely on fake rolex fraud to obtain a reputation status, academic authority of the people, now have entered the leadership, that the so-called academic is the case, so the reality of the intensified Academic fake also accustomed to.


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