academic distribution

    I would like to give a few examples: China's stock market has introduced the Hong Kong Shi Meilun to manage, has copied the Western stock market, "green shoe system" to end in failure. China's financial reform, guided by Western economic theory during the 2012-2013 period, has now proved to rolex replica be a failed reform. The end of 2007, "two anti-policy" introduced, but also a Western economic theory as a guide to the typical (in my blog in a special analysis), resulting in China in 2008 than the international financial crisis, the United States also violent economic crisis, the stock market Collapse, the resulting economic losses are huge. Of course, the academics and the media at that time will lead the crisis to the reasons for the United States subprime mortgage crisis, in fact, this is a cover up the theory of error and push the responsibility of the behavior, in essence, is an academic moral problem.
    Academic behavior evolved into money and power game. Even the top academic journals, but also the price of the price, Western economics "to maximize the benefits", not only a single person swiss replica watches and business code of conduct, but also any academic institutions, schools, research institutes of the code of conduct, so From the various journals issued text price, as long as the money can be published, so, especially in the social science books, academic journals, almost all become a junk academic distribution center. Anyway, no need to test, can not test. If you go to a local Academy of Social Sciences to walk, you will find the warehouse will be full of housing by the Social Science Fund to support the publication of the book, send no place to send. Of course, the level of replica watches uk academic performance does not show whether the book is selling, reading the book of the number of people, but this academic and power, interest linked to the system, will inevitably make academic waste everywhere.


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