Some days have not written blogs about international issues. See the United States and the recent launch of Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria's airport, but also an excuse to

crack down on Afghan extremists dropped a large air bombs, and some people will Trump from the economic president, changed to the swiss replica watches war president, etc. Still want to talk about

their own views.

    The US military said to the Syrian airport launched 59 ship-based Tomahawk cruise missiles, according to the Russian people said 23 hits, 36 missing is unknown, killed a total of

7 people, including five soldiers, civilians 2 people. It seems that the United States now missiles have not been so accurate before.

    US forces use large bombs - second only to the bomb of the replica watches mother of the bomb, bombing Afghanistan "extremists", which is the first time the United States to use this newly

developed new bomb. How many "terrorists" and poor people have been killed in this bombing? According to the Pentagon issued the relevant news that: killed 36 militants. Did not say, of course, will not say the number of casualties.

    Linked to the United States three aircraft carrier battle group will be gathered in the Korean Peninsula waters and so on, the US military this series of actions, gives the

impression that the United States prepared to move against the DPRK. Fight Syria, fried Afghanistan are prepared to rolex replica fight North Korea, in order to carry out accurate fixed removal

of the DPRK, including the North Korean mountains in the destruction of the target. and many more.


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