Court documents are difficult to serve, is the impact of court court trial speed one of the reasons. Qingxiu District Court and the area within the financial institutions to communicate

with the meeting, the proposed financial institutions and borrowers in the establishment of a loan at the time, agreed to a clear litigation service address, by the borrower to confirm the address and contact telephone, once entered the proceedings , Will use the judicial e-mail address in accordance with the address of the confirmation address to the replica watches uk refendant to send litigation documents, regardless of whether the defendant signed or not, the date of receipt of the receipt is deemed to be served, effectively cracked the court documents difficult problem.

Reporters learned that, after the case of swiss replica watches simple diversion mechanism reform, the city court not only efforts to "let the people in every judicial case to feel fair and justice", but also

save the litigation costs of the parties, convenient and efficient way of work continue to get the parties The point of praise

Xingning District Court, for example, the number of replica watches cases received in 1816 8443, the highest number of cases in the past few years, the number of judges in the case of the same

case, but the number of cases than in 2015 increased by nearly three percent, the court case Complex diversion reform, to achieve the number of cases and the number of cases of



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