And North Korea? It seems calm. April 15 Sun Festival, still held to celebrate the General Assembly, parade, show weapons, mass parade, as many. North Korean people

interviewed by reporters, are full of rolex replica confidence to win. and many more.

    See the above posture, I have produced some of the following analysis.

    1, the United States Tomahawk cruise missiles hit Syria airport, it is Syria is a civil war, air bombing bombing of Afghanistan, it is Afghanistan is not calm, but also in a state of war. In order to combat the "terrorists", the field commander has this power. So Trump praised them for doing well. But North Korea is not the same, the United States, North

Korea is still an enemy, there is no peace agreement, but there is a paper armistice agreement. The United States took the replica watches uk initiative to attack North Korea, is unilaterally torn up the

armistice agreement, the US Pacific theater commander I am afraid that there is no such power and courage, that is, Trump also dare not congressional approval dare wantonly.

Moreover, when the Korean War, the United States is under the banner of the United Nations Army carried out, if the war once again launched the replica watches DPRK, I am afraid the need for

the United Nations authorized it. So, if not North Korea take the initiative to tear up the armistice agreement, the Korean War half past a while or can not get up.


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