Luxury brands like to create news and often be able to replica watches uk become news. Just as news writing has "five W and 1 H" principles, luxury brands also have their own five W and one H.
What 's the matter - 11.88 million yuan Bentley car was bought by a Chinese rich, where this is the news. To maintain the media exposure, the successful creation of a universal topic, consciously shaping the legendary nature of the personal brand, highly experienced sales of experiential marketing, the club one to one marketing and aristocratic sports marketing and so on the replica watches creation and use of new marketing model, Are an important means to build luxury brands, but also its means of making What.
Who bought the Bentley? The problem seems to be more than 11.88 million high prices more interesting. Luxury brands are mostly for the swiss replica watches few "rich" service, all for the sake of the rich, for their services, which is the minimum requirements for luxury brand management. According to the Italian statistician Barreido's "twenty-eight principle", 20% of people will create 80% of your wealth, lock the target group, this small part of the luxury brand owners can meet most of the needs. Rolls-Royce is only tailored for the identity of the people, Citibank is no longer accept the savings of small customers, this is because there is such a law of operation: the rich will serve the money. So, the luxury brand only for the rich service is not wrong


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