Brand LOGO: Rolex's original watch logo designed for replica watches uk a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand's watch is entirely hand-crafted. And later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches, showing the Rolex watches in the watch industry's emperor's gas. Rolex logo design using the crown icon and letter design would like to combine, which also positioned Rolex in the watch industry status of the uk replica watches king, while the entire Swiss watch industry in the folk has a good reputation.
Zenith's name and the origin of many Swiss traditional watch brand names are not the names of the founders, nor the names of other watchmakers or important mechanical inventions. Legend of the founder of the brand Georges Favre-Jacot had to walk in the night sky, looked up and looked into the sky, even from the universe to get his mysterious inspiration. A large celestial system running around the Polaris made him think of the sophisticated precision structure of the watch's gears running around the axis. So he decided to use the word Zenith, the highest point of the universe, to name his movement and watchmaker


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