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has been very good, but Rolex chose to choose 904L steel steel to rolex replica do his home, or the current watch brand inside the only full use of this Steel brand. What is the difference between the two kinds of steel in the end? In fact, 316L steel and 904L steel are the United States on the steel name, that is, "American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM, American Society for Testing and Material)" standard steel, two kinds of steel carbon, silicon, manganese The amount of rolex replica watches 904L steel containing alloy (chromium, nickel, molybdenum) is more than 1.6 times the 316L, and the key is 904L steel contains a certain amount of copper, but 316L does not contain copper. Two kinds of steel Rockwell strength (HRB) are ≤ 95, the intensity is almost all 490MPa. So they have no difference in strength and hardness. But 904L steel higher alloy content and add a small amount of copper, making 904L steel than 316L in the corrosion resistance and wear resistance is stronger. At the same time 904L steel containing molybdenum, nickel, copper than the 316L steel is higher, and the proportion of these three metals and iron than large. So on the weight of the  replica rolex same volume of 904L steel than the 316L steel sink a lot, more heavy sense, but also confirms the Rolex brand temperament - practical and stable.


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