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Everyone who knows about Rolex's watchmaking technology will have such a puzzling that you will be more puzzling: Rolex's time and effort is enough to build a rocket into space, and they are Only willing to do a watch in replica watches uk the unknown.
Rolex early and other brands using the same steel -316L steel, but in 2003 or so, all steel products are beginning to use 904L steel. In 1985, Rolex in the Sea-Dweller's minority version of the first use of 904L steel, more rust, corrosion resistance, but at the same time 904L steel has a drawback, that is, with the increase in replica watches steel hardness, forging more difficult. So from 1985 to 2003 for up to 18 years, in order to fully use 904L steel, Rolex had to swiss replica watches replace the entire production line processing equipment and tools, which for them is meaningful, because all of their parts are Internal production, while most other brands are provided by external suppliers. The entire production line replacement is complete, this is a vast project, and only the most rude way to do out of the Rolex


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