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Sesame chain "at the beginning is to solve the clockwork output torque difference caused by the clock is not allowed to take rolex replica watches this problem and invented a similar sesame string together with the system, structure or device, similar to the tourbillon was originally to overcome the gravity of the Earth to the  swiss replica watches movement But it is not easy, so called "super-gorgeous" configuration, so far can be equipped with this "super-gorgeous" device watch brand is also very few.At the same time, we must admit that technological progress is changing, tabulation technology in solving the problem of the fake rolex watches output torque difference is not only the sesame chain this approach, and other solutions even more simple and more economical. However, as I often correct some friends on the tabulation technology views have the same problem, this, cousin also "stressed" again, industrial products are industrial products, luxury goods are luxury, the two evaluation criteria Completely different, the former focus on efficiency and even cost-effective, the latter even do not care about these, because they are handicrafts, and even handicrafts, pay attention to the intentions, delicate, and even the soul of things, and we almost none of the general industry Products with the same expectations.


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