From May this year, the international diamond giants more Le Mei company came to Beijing, two months time to sell nearly 80 diamonds, each carat diamond starting at 29,000 yuan or more. This makes the company more than the United States and the United States are some tight supply.
These examples show that although China is not a luxury brand of swiss replica watches production power, but has become a luxury brand of consumer power.
Second, who is the main consumer of luxury brands in China
Although the "luxury brand" is a top brand representatives, but because of replica watches its unattainable price factors are also very susceptible to interference by the economic situation. "Luxury brand GDP growth law" can better prove this point. The global luxury goods industry in the 20th century, 90 years ago has been 10% -20% of the extraordinary speed of development, creating a $ 150 billion global market. But in the replica watches uk 20th century since the end of the global economic slowdown in the situation, the global luxury goods sales have occurred no small landslides, "Business Week" that the world's luxury goods market in 2002 worth about 80 billion US dollars.
It was found that in the West before 2000, fashion air exudes the extravagant vanity, python skin, ostrich hair, gem, gold, pearls, huge mark in the fashion booth to create the climax of the effect, but now suddenly They all disappeared.


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