Heart if the clouds, who live with my loneliness, who cross my millennium lonely, one by one in the swiss replica watches dust, miss your tears, over the cheek, miss thoughts, tears across the lonely, with a helpless, , A touch of sadness, scattered heart of the tragedy, falling in the thoughts of the uk replica watches ocean, filled in the heart of the lake; a sigh, gently buckle heart heart pain, a look back, Wang off the horizon, see your shadow, life affectionate, I do not know if you also want me? Echoed in the hearts of pain, it is always worried about you, love you, miss affects the heart, that piece of the softest pain.
Quiet night, really want your hand, gently brush my hair, passing my heart pain, your beautiful and moving eyes, into rolex replica watches my eyes, into my world, you Is the only true love of my life, the only miss; look into the depths of the horizon, lonely drift in the night, a few strands of sadness, a few strands of clouds, a few strands of care, a few strands of thoughts, a few strands of frustration, "Do not forget me, forever love", deep love you, please remember: the afterlife, I love you ferry waiting for you


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