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Yu refers to the court political darkness, Yin Yu translocation. This view in the replica rolex later Oriental Shuo, Wang Bao, Yang Xiong's works have been repeatedly rendered, to be replica watches  further strengthened. Therefore, the spirit of the replica watches uk emperor of the donkey for the music, is considered to be "country and chaos, Yin Yu pouringHowever, such a remarkable movement, also suffered a "extinction" of the thrilling. In the seventies and eighties of last century, the watch industry suffered the impact of the revolution of the quartz movement, then the brand control side Zenith Radio Corporation (US companies) even ordered all the destruction of this great mechanical watch achievements, in full to the quartz movement in line, But fortunately, the real watchmaker is the most love and distressed these devices and equipment, so find ways or the movement of the production equipment "secretly" to save it, so did not give the industry and future generations regret.


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