It is reported that Jones is currently financing the construction of "Poseidon", he believes that within 3 years will be able to rolex replica officially run into the water. Jones said the concept of "submarine tourism" is comparable to the most daring "space swim", he said: "There are millions of wealthy tourists in the world, the survey shows that they are underwater tourism ideas deep And we will be able to arrange thousands of people to sea every year.
A Chinese also bought a medieval castle in Yorkshire, England. For a time, the story of the Chinese consumption in replica rolex Europe has become a local mind after the relay of the wealthy Japanese after another myth.
Walking in the most bustling Champs Elysees in Paris, the Chinese face from time to time greeted. When the Chinese mainland tour groups in Paris luxury stores have been able to rolex replica watches enjoy the highest level of "closed service" (refused to other guests), also let the Japanese angry. Before 2000, the luxury store in Paris, often asked: "You are Japanese?" When told you that you are Chinese, the owner will no longer care about you. But after 2000, it is different. When you walk into a luxury brand shop on the Champs Elysees, the boss will kindly ask, "Are you Chinese?"


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