A Plymouth city submarine designer Paul Moore House revealed that two UAE oil billionaires just bought two private submarines last week, senior can even provide overnight accommodation. In addition, there are at least 7 to 8 very wealthy sections, are investing in the construction of swiss replica watches more popular double submarines. "Building a submarine for at least £ 10 million and maintenance costs of at least £ 100,000 a year," says Moorehouse.Florida Tycoon build "underwater cruiser"
And the most amazing is that the United States, Florida super-rich, submarine Co., Ltd. President Bruce Jones is planning to build the world's largest and is the first submarine tour to replica watches provide commercial submarine - "Poseidon underwater cruiser." According to Jones design, "Poseidon" will cost 100 million pounds, 286 feet long, in the sea and the sea will be outstanding.
It is reported that in the "Poseidon", there will be 70 passengers to provide accommodation for luxury cabin, charges up to 1300 pounds per day. "Poseidon" part of the surface ships, part of the replica watches uk submarine. Its huge cabin windows are made of acrylic, resistant to deep water pressure, but also allows visitors to enjoy the underwater world. The most special is that the "Poseidon" ship "ship" will also be loaded on a small "sub-submarine", allowing visitors to watch the reefs and wrecks at close range.


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