Lonely night, the wind whistling, cold how many heart, pain how much love, wild north wind, whistling in the darkness of replica rolex watches silence, swaying in the lonely world, crazy roll I sad, life thoughts, that share The nightingale in the dark night sky lament, tell the retention of the heart of the helpless, there is a lifetime of fake rolex watches true love, eternal attachment, the only thoughts; this life, you have a dependency, Never forget, my world is no longer alone, no longer lonely, the soul is all your shadow, the heart in the journey of you, the soul, always only you; this life only you, let me reach the heart Of the true love, the soul of the dependent, never betray, let me feel your warmth, touch your pulse beating, the heart of the broken heart is no longer lonely, no longer lonely; love you, I miss you Is the only one of rolex uk my life, the most loved ones, this life for your love, no one can replace you, fall in love with your life without regret, deep bone marrow, love you is forever the only rain, bone marrow love, Into the heart, I love how much Acacia drunk, crazy how much affection.
Heart if the clouds, who live with my loneliness, who cross my millennium lonely, one by one in the dust, miss your tears, over the cheek, miss thoughts, tears across the lonely, with a helpless, , A touch of sadness, scattered heart of the tragedy, falling in the thoughts of the ocean, filled in the heart of the lake; a sigh, gently buckle heart heart pain, a look back, Wang off the horizon, see your shadow, life affectionate, I do not know if you also want me? Echoed in the hearts of pain, it is always worried about you, love you, miss affects the heart, that piece of the softest pain.


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