Where (where) - the word has a strict orientation and geographical significance. As the replica watches uk nobles pay attention to blood, luxury also stressed the origin. French perfume, Italian leather goods, Swiss watches, are in their respective regions to cultivate luxury brands. International first-line luxury brands from raw materials, accessories to swiss replica watches manufacturing are carried out in the origin to ensure that its original flavor, origin means authentic and traditional, and this is what consumers need. People can not speak, the hero can not ask the source, but the luxury brand is not noble origin, is absolutely not work.
Why is it a symbol of a luxury brand that is greater than content, meaning transcends, it is only a sign in certain circumstances, and why are people willing to uk replica watches buy a symbol at a high price? Because the luxury brand can create a series of binary opposition culture, moral symbolism, such as "rich / poor", "fashionable / old age", "loyalty / betrayal", "flashy / simple" or even "pure / degenerate" Model, and to some extent embodies a person's identity, status and its feelings for happiness or misfortune, the nature of oppression. Luxury goods as a highly personalized items, the symbolic significance of its brand has become a social consensus, is the "private utility" model.


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