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The vast majority of workers no matter how hard work, always difficult to fake watches get rich. On the contrary, good at opportunistic, rampant evil people, often overnight riches, rose officials made a fortune. Even if the traitor as a traitor, can still send foreign money. This social morbidity has almost become China's Millennium cancer, has not fundamentally changed. Even if the capital market into the dominant position today, hard work to create the fruits of labor, on the one hand to "reasonable and legitimate" owned by the capital owners, thus creating a large number of billionaires. On the other hand, it is necessary to "reasonably and legitimately" to support the poor, those who have no ability to work and government officials, and so on, and even free to replica watches let the workers do not live a well-off life. In this way, hardworking people even if the relatively high labor income, can take the lead in the so-called "middle class", in fact, through the government "tangible hand" and the market "invisible hand", is still double deprived of their labor fruit. Therefore, many hardworking people no matter how diligent, still wealthy, more hardworking but become the poor. Obviously, this is the greatest social injustice, but also lead to class contradictions, social contradictions have always been resolved the root causes.
There is no doubt that many hardworking people who do not fundamentally change their own poor thoughts will not only continue to
uk replica watches be poor, but will be poor, must be poor, live poorly and forever. Many countries, if they do not fundamentally change the polarization, the evil system of the rich and the poor, the evil traditions and the bad habits, will not only continue to spread the seeds of class hatred, but will inevitably lead to strong and weak conversion, chaos alternately vicious circle, it is difficult to extricate themselves.


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