from the past.

 First, before the cross-border capital outflows in China, mainly the dollar index continued to appreciate, so that the rapid depreciation of the renminbi. And when the central bank in China at the end of last year to reduce the dollar in the yuan-linked basket of weights in the weight of non-US currencies to enhance the weight of the replica watches RMB and the dollar has been far from the past.

From the beginning of January 5, the dollar index hit a new high of 104 after the weak, and now the dollar index in 99 or so, relative to the
fake watches beginning of the year high, the dollar index depreciated by 5%; but the yuan against the dollar is only slightly stronger, from 6.96 slightly appreciated to 6.89, the intensity is only about 1%. This year, the dollar index began to weaken, and the renminbi did not appreciate much, which makes cross-border capital out of China's willingness to significantly decline.

Second, the domestic economy began to
replica watches uk rise, cross-border funds out of China's will weakened. Last year, the domestic economy has bottomed out, and now has been in the local warmer, a quarter of GDP growth at 6.9%, the economic index has improved, although not return to the past 8% or more high-speed growth, but will not fall below 6.5%. Obviously, China's economy began to pick up, but also makes the pressure of capital outflows also decreased.


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