Regardless of

Regardless of ancient and modern and the size of the country rich and poor, bureaucratic system can not be a separate country, people's autonomy has always been more important than bureaucratic rule. This is the political iron law. Bureaucratic system can do the swiss replica watches national "event", but can not do the daily residents of the "small things". Community self-government organizations can do "small things", but can not do the country's "event." However, the "little things" of the residents' community life is more important than the national "event" because the "people's heart" is mainly "small" rather than "big". The Communist Party early years without money and no guns, can not do the country "event", but under the grassroots level really conscientiously organized the village community, completed the people's "little things", surrounded by the city in rural areas, crowded in the hearts of people have money, The Kuomintang, full of speculators.

    "Small matter" is more important than the "big thing", grassroots community is more important than the bureaucratic system, China's intellectual circles in the "Book of Changes" era to replica watches understand thoroughly. Sanyang Yao on the three Yin Yao in the next is "no Gua"; three Yin Yao on the three Yang Yao in the next "Thai Gua." Dry gas of the natural rise, officials should be promoted to the political situation; Kun Yin gas natural decline, the people live with each other too much care about. Rising on the sun placed on the decline of the shade placed in the next, the two sides must run away; and the decline of the Yin on the rise of the sun placed in the next, the two sides meet each other. So, on the replica watches uk yin under the "no hexagram" on behalf of sinister, Gua speech is: "Heaven and Earth do not pay and all things do not pass, from top to bottom do not pay and the world no state also." And Yin on the "Tai Gua" on behalf of auspicious, Gua Is so, "small things" than the "big" important, grassroots community than the bureaucratic system is important. Bureaucratic system modest and prudent, attention and respect for community autonomy, community self-government organizations, there is a national security. Three thousand years ago, the ancestors of China so wonderful understanding and interpretation of the "people are the masters of the" truth.


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