A look, Xie Yu - fan is paying side of the fake watches side of the staring at me in front of the plate, he said; "This plate is afraid to be clean to take the mirror.I holding the stomach very slowly and slowly followed Xie Yufan back to the school, the roadside display panels, I put a lot of swiss replica watches art, still hypocritical to write the motto of life.
I went to the edge of the exhibition board, put a photo with the same POSE, smiling and smiling. I said: "I was 7 players Li Ru Fei!" Voice faded, I can not control to play a loud burp.Xie Yufan laughed, and even exaggerated smile squatting on the ground, he said in a tone of the prophet: "Miss Li Ruifei, if you choose temperament girls, I can definitely be electedto the replica watch world!Fat girl and hip-hop are not wearing daysI told Xie Yu-fan is in the students will know, then I also long hair fluttering. At a party, Xie Yufan drunk drunk, and threatened to pursue me. The next day, I quit the student union,

cut the short hair to join the hip-hop association.


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