If, Guiqiu, really can be efficacious. Well, I am willing. I am willing to bow deep in the heaven and earth in the swiss replica watches sun and the moon, with the most devout heart, pray for heaven: do not

let the years still ruthless, ask you to let the time slow down its pace, let me a little more time, a little more time, Cheng Huan Knees, accompanied by left and right, even to one ten

thousand of the kindness.
I do not know whether their emotions are a bit too radical, but some kind of fear inside, as if the magic has been, always tear my heart. I can not think, really can not think If so,

really there will be a day. ...
It will be my life can not bear the pain, even if only slightly in the bottom of my heart like that, I will want to go crazy.
At the moment I was so sad and helpless. I do not know, in the rolex replica end is how to be able to stop their own want to stop things, change the reality you want to change? If you can, I am

willing to put my heart, in the body of the replica watches uk grandmother, Paul her longevity and health, the body unharmed. As long as you can, even let me die, I will not have the slightest

hesitation. But can that? Is it really possible?


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