Social science theory research is not like the study of natural science and technology, need to have a lot of knowledge accumulation, even if there is a real talent, there are big innovation and research ability of people, to make a real theoretical results, Years of sitting on the bench, and even from the theory to practice decades of work, it is impossible to make a real innovation. To do this basic theory of economics, not only need to have a comprehensive philosophy, political economy, the Chinese economy and economic history of Europe and the United States and other aspects of comprehensive cultivation, but also need to engage in economic management and financial operation of the practice, otherwise it is not May be fruitful. For example, "the new theory of credit value - the new principle of macroeconomics," this completely innovative basic theory, is the author has accumulated more than 40 years of theoretical research and extensive political, economic, management, from government, business to financial multi-sector Social work practice, from the combination of theory to practice on the study was able to complete. Some experts, academics, and professors from school to school, from school to institute, even the modern Western economics of swiss replica watches its back to the times, and the so-called modern Western economics, especially in macroeconomics, is only for Europe and the United States In the nineteenth century, an empirical summary of the economic process of the twentieth century was an empirical theory that was very restrictive and a change in the environmental conditions of the times was out of date. Only theory, no real economic work practice, on a theoretical principle, even if the theoretical principle is generally correct, it is impossible to understand its scope (any economic theory has both the scope of the environment and the scope of application). Often replica watches ukonly learn a little theoretical things, the vision is very narrow, no matter how good is actually no use, often but will fall into the minds of others thinking can not know.
    This theory is not self-knowledge, by the actual ignorant people but to master the various powers of the academic and practical work to bring huge losses is already shocking. This is actually a by-product of academic corruption. As we have seen, the former Soviet Union, which was reformed in accordance with the norms of Western economics, was completely failing, and its economic losses were immeasurable. Although our country did not fully reform the rolex replica Western economic model to reform, in general, there is no subversive mistake, but in some specific economic process due to the wrong economic theory and the introduction of the policy, almost all of the failure of the lessons learned.


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